How Will Luxury Hotels Adapt In A Post-Pandemic World?

As the world tentatively reopens from lockdown, luxury hotels are gearing up to welcome guests once again. With the need to modify and innovate to build confidence, safety and wellbeing of visitors and staff, hotels are seeking out the best possible ways to achieve this.

Naturally, strategies are evolving as society is changing almost daily. In the meantime, some of the world’s most desirable destinations share their plans in anticipation of the go-ahead to reopen.

“The reality is we will be travelling with the virus still around and without a vaccination readily in place globally,” commented Rebecca Masri, founder of Little Emperors members club. “There will be a reduction of touch points and an increase in features such as automatic doors and elevators. Hotels have been working on this pre-Covid, and the pandemic will accelerate the process. Who knows maybe we will get really futuristic with voice activation. Imagine a voice activated shower!”

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Online – Little Emperors – 26th May 2020[4]